Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. As the market leader in level and flow instrumentation, our actions have the potential to save our customers money and help ensure a better world for generations to come.

Sustainability is not a new idea at Magnetrol®. In fact, it is already at the heart of what we do. The level and flow instruments we design and manufacture enable companies to manage the storage and processing of liquids and gas. These liquids range from water in treatment plants to petroleum in oil refineries. Even seemingly benign substances such as water, if allowed to spill uncontrolled into the environment, can wreak havoc and create the potential for an environmental disaster. As a global company, we understand that the long-term well-being of society, our associates, the strength of the global economy, and the continuing success of our own business depend on our commitment to a sustainable environment.

Our sustainability program has three components:

  • To consider renewable energy in our processes and facilities.
  • To provide our associates with an environmentally conscious workplace.
  • To take action to reduce the sustainability impact of our own activities.

As a global company, MAGNETROL will continue to work to develop and implement environmentally responsible business practices throughout our organization and strive for the sustainable growth of both our own and our customers’ businesses. We encourage our associates to join us in the journey by supporting and furthering our environmental efforts.
  • API RP 2350 Readiness Kit
  • Heat Rate Reduction Kit
  • Eclipse® Model 706